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The zone maps of Swordsman online.

World Map[edit | edit source]

World Map
Schools And Cities

Schools[edit | edit source]

E'mei School
Splendor School
Harmony School
Five Venoms Cult School
Shaolin Temple School
Wu-tang School
Zephyr School
House Tong School
Infinity School
Sun and Moon Cult

Cities[edit | edit source]

Fu Giu
Luo Yang
Harmony's Piedmont

Questing Zones[edit | edit source]

Mount Wu-Tang
Mount Splendor
Mount Shaolin
Herbalist Valley
Harmony City Outskirts
Sword Chamber
Cliff of Remorse
Nighthaze Dale
Scarlet Town
Bully Heights
Cyan Heights
Immortal's Sorrow
Jia Prefecture
Mount Majesty
Salt Harbor
Swordforge Valley
The South
Twilighte Ridge